What Is the Difference Between Life Coaching and Counseling?

What Life Coaching is Not

In a previous article, I started to explain a very basic introduction to what life coaching is. Today, we’ll discuss the differences between it and counseling and how life coaching is a great choice for people just like you that need that extra bit of support Tony Robbins Diamond Tickets.

List of Life Coaching Qualities, Beliefs and Philosophies

• I believe my role is to guide support, and encourage my client to reach their goals and live the life they hope to life.

• I believe they help functional people become more functional and successful.

• I believe they work with people that find themselves stuck in life and help them become unstuck.

• I believe it can help people discover new hopes in life.

• I believe as a coach, our goal is to help people discover who they truly are and what they are capable of.

• I believe that it can help enable people to discover their core values, strengths, and character.

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